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The Gen 2. KG Trail Camera in KG Woodland Camo is a superior option for capturing stunning wildlife images. With an impressive 30 megapixel photo resolution, every detail of your subjects will be crystal clear. Not only does this camera excel in photography, but it also offers incredible 4K video quality, ensuring that your footage is of the highest standard. The 25mm wide-angle lens allows you to capture a wider perspective, making sure you don't miss any action. With a detection distance of 65ft, you can trust that this camera will capture all movement within its range, even in low-light conditions, thanks to its 42 infrared LED's. To store all your footage, the camera supports up to a 32GB micro SD card, giving you ample space to save and review your recordings. Plus, with the option to power it using 4 or 8 AA batteries, you have the flexibility to choose the battery life that suits your needs.

KG Trail Camera Specs:

-Gen 2. KG Woodland Camo

-30 Megapixel photo resolution 

-4k video quality

-25mm Wide Angle Lens

-65ft detection distance

-Built in Timelapse Mode

-42 Infrared LED’s 

-Takes up to 32gb micro SD card

-Powered by 4 or 8 AA Batteries


【Included in the package】:
☞1xTrail Camera
☞1x Tree Strap
☞1x USB Cable
☞1x Stand Mount
☞1x Stand Support
☞3x Bolts & Stoppers
☞1x User Manual

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