KG USA Navy T-Shirt (Misprints)

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Size: Youth Small
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Introducing the KG Navy USA T-Shirt (Misprints), a unique variant of our popular KG Navy USA T-Shirt. While this version may have some misprints with dark spots on the white ink, they are hardly noticeable. We believe in transparency and want to provide our customers with the opportunity to own this high-quality garment at a discounted price. Made with the same Coolmax T-Shirt blend material, this t-shirt still offers superior comfort and breathability. With its navy color and classic design, it proudly showcases your patriotism and adds a touch of style to any outfit. Despite the minor imperfections, the KG Navy USA T-Shirt (Misprints) only enhances its uniqueness and affordability. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece that represents American pride while saving on a quality garment.

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